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Embedded Tools

command: zarf tools yq

aliases: yq

Zarf vendors in yq to provide a way to interact with YAML files. yq is a lightweight and portable command-line YAML processor. It can be used to extract specific parts of a YAML file, replace or delete values, and more.

command: zarf tools archiver

aliases: archiver, a

Zarf uses the great mholt/archiver library as a dependency to create and extract archives. This libarary also offers itself as a standalone tool that can be used to create and extract archives.

command: zarf tools sbom

aliases: syft, sbom, s

Zarf vendors in Syft, a “CLI tool and library for generating a Software Bill of Materials from container images and filesystems”.

command: zarf tools k9s

aliases: k9s, monitor, m

Zarf vendors in K9s, a terminal-based UI to interact with your Kubernetes cluster. K9s is not necessary to deploy, manage, or operate Zarf or its deployed packages, but it is a great tool to use when you want to interact with your cluster.

k9s dashboard

More instructions on how to use k9s can be found on their documentation site.