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zarf dev lint

zarf dev lint

Lints the given package for valid schema and recommended practices


Verifies the package schema, checks if any variables won’t be evaluated, and checks for unpinned images/repos/files

zarf dev lint [ DIRECTORY ] [flags]


-f, --flavor string The flavor of components to include in the resulting package (i.e. have a matching or empty "only.flavor" key)
-h, --help help for lint
--set stringToString Specify package variables to set on the command line (KEY=value) (default [])

Options inherited from parent commands

-a, --architecture string Architecture for OCI images and Zarf packages
--insecure Allow access to insecure registries and disable other recommended security enforcements such as package checksum and signature validation. This flag should only be used if you have a specific reason and accept the reduced security posture.
-l, --log-level string Log level when running Zarf. Valid options are: warn, info, debug, trace (default "info")
--no-color Disable colors in output
--no-log-file Disable log file creation
--no-progress Disable fancy UI progress bars, spinners, logos, etc
--tmpdir string Specify the temporary directory to use for intermediate files
--zarf-cache string Specify the location of the Zarf cache directory (default "~/.zarf-cache")


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