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zarf tools sbom attest

zarf tools sbom attest

Generate an SBOM as an attestation for the given [SOURCE] container image


Generate a packaged-based Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) from a container image as the predicate of an in-toto attestation that will be uploaded to the image registry

zarf tools sbom attest --output [FORMAT] <IMAGE> [flags]


--base-path string base directory for scanning, no links will be followed above this directory, and all paths will be reported relative to this directory
--catalogers stringArray enable one or more package catalogers
--exclude stringArray exclude paths from being scanned using a glob expression
-h, --help help for attest
--name string set the name of the target being analyzed (DEPRECATED: use: source-name)
-o, --output stringArray report output format (<format>=<file> to output to a file), formats=[cyclonedx-json cyclonedx-xml github-json spdx-json spdx-tag-value syft-json syft-table syft-text template] (default [syft-json])
--platform string an optional platform specifier for container image sources (e.g. 'linux/arm64', 'linux/arm64/v8', 'arm64', 'linux')
-s, --scope string selection of layers to catalog, options=[squashed all-layers]
--source-name string set the name of the target being analyzed
--source-version string set the version of the target being analyzed

Options inherited from parent commands

-c, --config string syft configuration file
-q, --quiet suppress all logging output
-v, --verbose count increase verbosity (-v = info, -vv = debug)


  • zarf tools sbom - Generates a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for the given package