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Create a Package

The following diagram shows the order of operations for the zarf package create command and the hook locations for actions.

Lifecycle Diagram
graph TD A1(set working directory)-->A2 A2(parse zarf.yaml)-->A3 A3(filter components by architecture)-->A4 A4(detect init package)-->A5 A5(handle deprecations)-->A6 A6(parse component imports)-->A7 A7(process create-time variables)-->A8 A8(write build data and zarf.yaml)-->A9 A9(run validations)-->A10 A10(confirm package create):::prompt-->A11 A11{Init package?} A11 -->|Yes| A12(add seed image)-->A13 A11 -->|No| A13 subgraph "" A13(add each component)-->A13 A13 --> A14(run each '.actions.onCreate.before'):::action-->A14 A14 --> A15(load '.charts')-->A16 A16(load '.files')-->A17 A17(load '.dataInjections')-->A18 A18(load '.manifests')-->A19 A19(load '.repos')-->A20 A20(run each '.actions.onCreate.after'):::action-->A20 A20-->A21{Success?} A21-->|Yes|A22(run each '.actions.onCreate.success'):::action-->A22 A21-->|No|A23(run each '.actions.onCreate.failure'):::action-->A23-->A999 end A22-->A24(load all '.images') A24-->A25{Skip SBOM?} A25-->|Yes|A27 A25-->|No|A26 A26(generate SBOM)-->A27 A27(reset working directory)-->A28 A28(create package archive)-->A29 A29{Is multipart?} A29-->|Yes|A30(split package archive)-->A31 A29-->|No|A31 A31(handle sbom view/out flags) A999[Abort]:::fail classDef prompt fill:#4adede,color:#000000 classDef action fill:#bd93f9,color:#000000 classDef fail fill:#aa0000

Package configuration templates can be used during zarf package create to configure the zarf.yaml file. Templates are baked into the Zarf package so they cannot be changed post create.

You can specify zarf.yaml templates at package create time by including ###_ZARF_PKG_TMPL_*### as the value for any string-type data in your package definition. Template values can be defined using config files or the --set flag. If a template is undefined during zarf package create if will always be prompted for unless --confirm is used.

An example of templates is below:

kind: ZarfPackageConfig
name: 'pkg-variables'
description: 'Prompt for a variables during package create'
- name: zarf-prompt-image
required: true