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Developing Zarf Packages

dev Commands

Zarf contains many commands that are useful while developing a Zarf package to iterate on configuration, discover resources and more! Below are explanations of some of these commands with the full list discoverable with zarf dev --help.


The dev commands are meant to be used in development environments / workflows. They are not meant to be used in production environments / workflows.

dev deploy

The dev deploy command will combine the lifecycle of package create and package deploy into a single command. This command will:

  • Not result in a re-usable tarball / OCI artifact
  • Not have any interactive prompts
  • Not require zarf init to be run (by default, but is required if --no-yolo is not set)
  • Be able to create+deploy a package in either YOLO mode (default) or prod mode (exposed via --no-yolo flag)
  • Only build + deploy components that will be deployed (contrasting with package create which builds all components regardless of whether they will be deployed)
# Create and deploy dos-games in yolo mode
$ zarf dev deploy examples/dos-games
# If deploying a package in prod mode, `zarf init` must be run first
$ zarf init --confirm
# Create and deploy dos-games in prod mode
$ zarf dev deploy examples/dos-games --no-yolo

dev find-images

Evaluates components in a zarf.yaml to identify images specified in their helm charts and manifests.

Components that have git repositories that host helm charts can be processed by providing the --repo-chart-path.

$ zarf dev find-images examples/wordpress


- name: wordpress

Misc dev Commands

Not all dev commands have been mentioned here.

Further dev commands can be discovered by running zarf dev --help.