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Deploying a Retro Arcade

In previous tutorials, we learned how to create a package, initialize a cluster, and deploy a package. In this tutorial, we will leverage all that past work and deploy a fun application onto your cluster.

  • You’ll need an internet connection to grab the Zarf Package for the games example.

Before beginning this tutorial you will need the following:

  1. The dos-games package is easily deployable via oci:// by running zarf package deploy oci://defenseunicorns/dos-games:1.0.0-$(uname -m) --key=
  1. If you did not use the --confirm flag to automatically confirm that you want to deploy this package, press y for yes. Then hit the enter key.

When the games package finishes deploying, you should get an output that lists a couple of new commands that you can use to connect to the games. These new commands were defined by the creators of the games package to make it easier to access the games. By typing the new command, your browser should automatically open up and connect to the application we just deployed into the cluster, using the zarf connect command.

Connected to the Games

  1. Use the zarf package list command to get a list of the installed packages. This will give you the name of the games package to remove it.
  1. Use the zarf package remove command to remove the dos-games package. Don’t forget the --confirm flag. Otherwise you’ll receive an error.
  1. You can also use the zarf package remove command with the zarf package file, to remove the package. Again don’t forget the --confirm flag.

The dos-games package has now been removed from your cluster.

✨ Special thanks to these fine references! ✨