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zarf package mirror-resources

zarf package mirror-resources

Mirrors a Zarf package’s internal resources to specified image registries and git repositories


Unpacks resources and dependencies from a Zarf package archive and mirrors them into the specified image registries and git repositories within the target environment

zarf package mirror-resources [ PACKAGE_SOURCE ] [flags]


# Mirror resources to internal Zarf resources
$ zarf package mirror-resources <your-package.tar.zst> \
--registry-url \
--registry-push-username zarf-push \
--registry-push-password <generated-registry-push-password> \
--git-url http://zarf-gitea-http.zarf.svc.cluster.local:3000 \
--git-push-username zarf-git-user \
--git-push-password <generated-git-push-password>
# Mirror resources to external resources
$ zarf package mirror-resources <your-package.tar.zst> \
--registry-url registry.enterprise.corp \
--registry-push-username <registry-push-username> \
--registry-push-password <registry-push-password> \
--git-url https://git.enterprise.corp \
--git-push-username <git-push-username> \
--git-push-password <git-push-password>


--components string Comma-separated list of components to mirror. This list will be respected regardless of a component's 'required' or 'default' status. Globbing component names with '*' and deselecting components with a leading '-' are also supported.
--confirm Confirms package deployment without prompting. ONLY use with packages you trust. Skips prompts to review SBOM, configure variables, select optional components and review potential breaking changes.
--git-push-password string Password for the push-user to access the git server
--git-push-username string Username to access to the git server Zarf is configured to use. User must be able to create repositories via 'git push' (default "zarf-git-user")
--git-url string External git server url to use for this Zarf cluster
-h, --help help for mirror-resources
--no-img-checksum Turns off the addition of a checksum to image tags (as would be used by the Zarf Agent) while mirroring images.
--registry-push-password string Password for the push-user to connect to the registry
--registry-push-username string Username to access to the registry Zarf is configured to use (default "zarf-push")
--registry-url string External registry url address to use for this Zarf cluster
--retries int Number of retries to perform for Zarf deploy operations like git/image pushes or Helm installs (default 3)

Options inherited from parent commands

-a, --architecture string Architecture for OCI images and Zarf packages
--insecure Allow access to insecure registries and disable other recommended security enforcements such as package checksum and signature validation. This flag should only be used if you have a specific reason and accept the reduced security posture.
-k, --key string Path to public key file for validating signed packages
-l, --log-level string Log level when running Zarf. Valid options are: warn, info, debug, trace (default "info")
--no-color Disable colors in output
--no-log-file Disable log file creation
--no-progress Disable fancy UI progress bars, spinners, logos, etc
--oci-concurrency int Number of concurrent layer operations to perform when interacting with a remote package. (default 3)
--tmpdir string Specify the temporary directory to use for intermediate files
--zarf-cache string Specify the location of the Zarf cache directory (default "~/.zarf-cache")


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