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Big Bang

This package deploys Big Bang using the Zarf bigbang extension. An example of this configuration is below:

- name: bigbang
required: true
version: 1.54.0
skipFlux: false
- config/minimal.yaml #turns on just istio
- config/ingress.yaml # adds istio certs for *
- config/kyverno.yaml # turns on kyverno
- config/loki.yaml # turns on loki and monitoring

The bigbang noun sits within the extensions specification of Zarf and provides the following configuration:

  • version - The version of Big Bang to use
  • repo - Override repo to pull Big Bang from instead of Repo One
  • skipFlux - Whether to skip deploying flux; Defaults to false
  • valuesFiles - The list of values files to pass to Big Bang; these will be merged together

To walkthrough the creation and deployment of this package see the Big Bang Walkthrough.